The Waffles served at Coney Waffle are CONEY STYLE Waffles which is what our store is named after.  This style was created by our founder and served in our Coney Waffle stores.  The waffle is shaped like a bun and the Ice Cream is stuffed inside the Waffle.  This style of waffle should be eaten like a hot dog.  Unlike a flat waffle which needs to be eaten with a fork and knife, our waffles can be eaten on the go.



Our shakes are made with an edible art concept in mind.  An art piece that exists for the moment and then they are gone.  Never to be duplicated.  Our shakes are also "Dry Top Shakes".  We do not frost our cups or use a lot of whipped cream in the display of our candy.  This concepts allows you to take any candy home that you do not finish.  The Shakes feed between 2-4 people and are meant to be shared,   When you visit Coney Waffle you are immediately transported into a festival atmosphere.  We LOVE all of our customers and hope to see you very soon.