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Take your Dessert to a whole new level with Trendsetting, Instaworthy Desserts that taste even better than they look.  


Our Grandmother, Angelina D'Esposito Created Coney Waffle in 1946!  YES.... A business woman in the 40's!  Talk about a trailblazer.  She had a concession stand in Coney Island were she served WAFFLES and ICE CREAM.  You can read our story written by Leann Garofolo HERE.  Today, Coney Waffle serves the original Coney Waffles and Ice Cream as well as many favorites such as "The Cannoli Waffle", "The Galaxy Cone" and "THE SIDE SHOW SHAKE" featured on Buzzfeed, Elite Daily, Thrillist, Insider Food, and DELISH.